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SkyCool Assisting in Transformation of Perth Airport

Over the past seven years, the number of passengers travelling through Perth Airport has doubled, with 11.5 million passengers recorded in the last financial year, making Perth Airport the fastest growing capital city airport in Australia.

To support this growth and the future demand for air services, $750 million is being invested to ensure Perth Airport delivers a great airport experience.

Perth Airport is the gateway to Western Australia and one of the State’s most important elements of public infrastructure.

Perth International Airport

SkyCool was used extensively on Perth International Airport to provide greater comfort and reduce operating costs.

Arial view of the use of SkyCool on the main terminal at Perth International Airport.

"Perth Airport is committed to incorporating environmental features that promote energy efficiencies in our redevelopment projects such as yours provide a valuable means to significantly reduce our air conditioning energy demands."


Brad Geatches

Chief Executive Officer

Perth Airport

January 2012